The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State

Casualties from this drug war in Washington State!
by Gina Garcia, August 28, 2017

Who are the casualties from this drug war in Washington State? Unfortunately it is mainly the sick, the dying, the children with incurable diseases, basically the people who NEED it to survive.

What was the progression of our demise? First I-502 was voted in by the people because they were lied to and convinced it would not harm patients. SB 5052 comes along and finishes the job of destroying cannabis in Washington State. This year in 2017, we were tossed a bite sized morsel, sharing, and told medical cannabis will be fixed in baby steps. Untrue. Personally I don’t believe anything the legislators say any longer. They have tried to convince me over and over that they will fix medical only to be lied to year after year. SB 5131 is the bill this year that describes that morsel they tossed our way. Not much, but at least we can share a tiny amount in a 24 hour period with one person. Woo hoo! Total Bullshit.

How has this affected people I know and myself? Well for starters, I myself tried to comply with 4 plants, 6 oz. Then my husband came home with a cancer diagnosis, to tell me doctors won’t operate. They won’t do chemo or radiation and the only thing he felt he had left to try was cannabis. We gave it all we could however, at that point in time I had gotten rid of all excess to be in compliance with the cannabis laws. My husband was having a horrible time trying to adjust to sativa, which is all I had. I had no choice but to go to the underground market and find him some help. We got help for free. A generous person offered us what we needed to try and save his life. We never got what we needed in time, but we did manage to keep him pain free from pancreatic cancer for 1 year after they told him to go home and die. My husband has since passed and the laws are still unjust in Washington State for the people who need it most. The possession amounts are totally unreasonable, and the DUI laws are not based on science. The progression in Washington state of so called “Legalization” is a joke. Even those small businesses who went into the 502 market are struggling to survive. NOT ALL are successful in this endeavor.

We predict big pharma and a few other big players will help the government finish killing off the cannabis markets and push it all to the BIG BOX Stores, just like the liquor stores faded out in Washington. We are the only state that supposedly legalized cannabis who doesn’t allow homegrowing. Hence, the black market and the underground market still survive. Want those gone? Quit screwing those that need our medicine!

The war continues and unfortunately the ones who are okay with recreational amounts have no idea what horrible things have happened to those patients who need it the most. But since their needs are taken care of, they have no clue about the suffering that is happening around them.



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What the Hell Happened to Medical Cannabis in Washington State!
by Gina Garcia, May 14, 2016
(One of the People for Medical Cannabis in Washington State)

So much has happened to Medical Cannabis in Washington State!

In 2012, Initiative 502 passed. We keep hearing that “The People have spoken with the vote in 2012 for Initiative 502. What they didn’t tell you is they lied to the people to get it passed.  The people were told 502 WOULD NOT affect medical cannabis, we were lied to!

In 2014, SB 5052, HB 2136,  HB 2280, HB 1276,  and HB 2700,  all passed and signed by the Governor. ALL great for Recreational, not so much for medical cannabis. The Governor also gave authority to make rules as they saw fit, to the Department of Health (DOH),  Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) and here is info on the transition from The LCB the Department of Revenue (DOR) to name a few.

The New Session Laws for example took us from 15 plants per patient in 2014 to 15 plants per domicile in 2015 as per the DOH. Then later on in 2015, the DOH and LCB both stated that 4 plants per patient would be what will be allowed by patients who don’t register and 6 oz. If you register you can have more up to 15 plants. But you must be entered in their registry that you must do at a recreational 502 store.

All of our quantities have been cut way back. Our plant counts cut way back. No regard to patients, their conditions or if they were using it to save their lives or not. Patients, the poor and the sick are now low priority in Washington State! They want to funnel us all into the Recreational stores to buy our cannabis. Most of the people Grew because they couldn’t afford to buy, making sick and poor go into a store to buy when they couldn’t do in the first place is only going to make people go to the black market.

This state also began placing bans and moratoriums in a state that so called “LEGALIZED IT” no allowing the people to buy from the so called stores that they so called voted for. People could not buy before, they still cannot buy now!

Here we are 2016, the new law coming into FULL Effect July 2016..are you ready? Have you killed your garden to be in compliance. Many have! They didn’t want to take chances however, many who didn’t want to take chances are also suffering from the lack of access to their medicines, Dispensaries and farmers markets are going away and patients are left with 4 plants and more only if they register. We were even told by some of our representatives not to register.

The only thing we have right now for medical cannabis patients is we have candidates lining up to run against these crooks who have messed with our medical cannabis laws in this state.  And to replace those who will do more harm to the people they are suppose to represent!

Another thing you can do is volunteer. Most patient run organizations are all volunteer based We do not get paid, we do this because it is important to us and we need the medicine back that was taken from us with the passing of 502 and 5052.

Here are some links that can explain more of what happened and what has happened since:

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Do not let medical die in Washington State. The sick and dying have already lost their access all in the name of “Legalization” in Washington State. How can it be legal when you aren’t even allowed to grow it. That is right, in Washington State unless you are a patient, which have already been taken down to bare minimum, you cannot grow! Unlike Colorado and Oregon, here in Washington State only patients are allowed to grow their measly little plant counts thanks to this greedy state! Educate yourself, Protect yourself because this state doesn’t care!