The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State

by tpfmc,
January 5, 2019
What does 2019 have in store for us? Not much for medical, however there is a homegrow bill coming out this session. As always we would suggest everyone reading it in its entirety. If you are still comfortable with it then go support it, if you are not ok with it, ask your legislators for amendments.  Homegrows would be helpful to patients who do not qualify for an authorization now. 

There is still a lot of misinformation out there as to who can grow, “legally”. It is still federally illegal. THE ONLY ones allowed to grow in the state of Washington today are State licensed people who have applied with the state and received licenses to grow/produce/sell. The others ONLY if they have a medical authorization are permitted to grow 4 and have 6 oz of harvested material (If they are not on the “registry”), and 6-15 plants  and 8 oz- 16 oz, DEPENDING on their doctors recommendation and you have to be on the registry. Yep you read that right. There is nothing good about what Washington has done to its medical patients that are requiring more than what they are allowed now. 

The people for medical cannabis is a diverse group. We have people with varied needs. Some are okay with buying at a store since they don’t need much to get them by. Others are good with the CBD being supplied though the stores as well or online. People need to do what they need to do for themselves. We as “The People For Medical Cannabis” cannot endorse one idea. All we can do is let you know what is out there and what is happening currently.

The homegrow bill has sponsors and will be hitting the hopper soon, when we get the bill number we will let you know in the “Bills” section of this website. The homegrow bill  is currently on its 5th draft. Representative Blake is the Sponsor. 

There is another bill out there for 2019, that addresses the forfeiture section in the state’s Controlled Substances Act with the introduction of Senate Bill 5060. Thank you Senator Hasegawa.  

I am sure there will be many bills hitting the hopper this year. We will keep this website updated as the session progresses. If you can help by writing / calling  or visiting your legislators then please do so.  Personally we wish it would just be descheduled but one would hope that would happen soon. It would be the right thing to do in this day and time! 

Some changes coming to this website in 2019 are that we are removing the calendar. It was not utilized enough by people and we will be upgrading our “Resource” section. The resource section will include Stores that have programs set up to help patients.  It will list the places that care about cannabis patients and how they help…there are not many!  The Blog will include stories from different people not just us and their experiences. If you would like to submit a story to the blog email us

We hope that this year will bring positive results for medical cannabis patients all over the world. Thank you for following along. Happy New Year from our families to yours!


The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State
Are you registered to vote? Please do we need you! 
by tpfmc
July 4, 2018

Have you registered to vote in Washington State? If not you really should. There are many running who have never run before and many in place who should really be gone.

We won’t have our say if we don’t vote for those we want or support those we care about or even remove those that have run their course.

Below are a few links that could help you prepare to vote for the candidate that seems to represent you. We are not stating favorites but what we are doing is asking general questions to see what the candidates stance on cannabis is. We realize that “Cannabis” cannot be the ONLY reason to vote a candidate in, but it would allow us to make a better choice on who we want. In the news or in main stream media, the “cannabis elephant” in the middle of the room is usually skipped. You won’t hear the journalist ask the candidates about cannabis and you won’t find the topic on the candidates websites either.

We asked several people in the community, “If you could ask a question of the candidates, what would it be?” We made a list of those questions and have passed them out to our legislators and people in the community to hand to their legislators/candidates  in their districts as well. As you can see by this page (Candidates), only a few have responded and we thank them for doing so. If you would like YOUR candidates in YOUR districts to answer them as well, email us so that we can send you a list of those questions. Or feel free to ask them your own question, send us the responses and we will add those as well. 

So if you have not yet registered to vote, please do. We need you!
Register to vote here!
Find out more about the candidates here:
Vote Smart
Find out who is running and where here:
Secretary of State Website

Thank you,
The People for Medical Cannabis in Washington State!


What happened in the 2017-2018 legislative session?
by John Novak and tpfmc

The Washington State Legislature has just ended the 2018 legislative session.

Washington State cannabis patients and consumers are wondering, did they remember us this year?

The answer is a resounding no, nearly across the board.

Did we see an end to the unconstitutional and unsecured patient registry?  NO.

Did patients not in the registry get arrest protection?  NO. 

Did patients get their personal limits restored to amounts they lost in 2015?  NO.

Did sick kids that use cannabis get their right to go to school?  NO! (HB 1060)

What about homegrows for all adults?  NO. (HB 2559)

Cannabis lounges?  NO.

How about removing past cannabis crimes convictions on acts that are now legal?  NO.

There were a few bills that touched on some of these issues.  None made it through the process. (See the Bills here)

After the 2017 session, we were told by Democrats that it was the Republicans holding up the show.  They said if Democrats took back control of the Senate, then we would see these issues move forward.

Well, the Democrats took back control, but then actively prevented those bills from moving forward.  Even though they controlled the chairs of the key committees overseeing these bills, they killed them.

The party that claims to be standing up against President Trump and Attorney Jeff Sessions on other issues is turning it’s back on this issue. 

We are being told, once again, that the reason they must continue to treat us as criminals is because they are afraid of the feds.

Even though other states have already passed laws that address most of the above issues without any federal interference, this is the excuse we get.

It all comes down to money.  The state fears losing hundreds of millions in Federal grant money that has schedule one drug language.  Everything from education to transportation to law enforcement grants contains language that could be threatened by our state cannabis laws.

The easy answer is for Washington State to remove cannabis from our own state controlled substances act.  This would force a debate in D.C. that for some reason, our local politicians are refusing to take on.

Maybe next year, they say.

It appears obvious to us that next year will not come until patients and consumers can begin to make a difference in some of these local elections.  We need to send the message that they ignore us at their own peril.

But that will require the cannabis community come to together in ways we haven’t before.

There were two small, but significant victories this session.

The first was the major fiasco that happened with the public records act.  A bill flew both the House and Senate in record time that would have exempted legislators from the act itself after a judge ruled they were not exempt.  They did this by suspending rules and restricting debate.  It backfired with a massive public outcry that ended with the bill being vetoed by Governor Inslee.  For now, at least, we will be able to ask for their records and communications with lobbyists on these issues. (SB 6617)

The other significant legislation we watched was the bill that made it easier to prosecute police officers that use deadly force.  Washington State was alone in the country on language that made it next to impossible to charge officers with crimes for reckless and negligent shootings unless they acted with evil intent, or “malice”.   (HB 3003)

This is significant because we know the trend of patients and consumers homes being raided for cannabis is on the rise again, and being led by Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Enforcement with local cops. 

We expect to see an increase in this trend as long as Jeff Sessions remains Attorney General, and the more extremist jurisdictions in our state become emboldened by his words.

So we are back to asking patients and consumers, when will we come together, set aside our past differences and get these issues taken care of?  We are the only resource we have.  There is no person or group that will take care of this.  We all have to get our hands dirty.  We all have to get involved, get organized and support those who have had our backs from the start.  Social media posts alone will not do it any longer.

If not, then the people we complain about will continue to control the narrative, because they aren’t going away.  They thrive when we do nothing.

The People For Medical Cannabis has been tracking legislation dealing with cannabis for years and if you would like to see what transpired for yourself, simply click on the “Bills” link on the menu and take a look.  

Go here to see what bills were sent to the Governor:

For further reading please read the following article:
America Is Giving Away the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry
Why? Because the feds are bogarting the weed, while Israel and Canada are grabbing market share.
By Josh Dean
Nixon’s Drug War, An Excuse To Lock Up Blacks And Protesters, Continues

Go to the 2016-2017 section just below here to see what we were left with in 2017!

2016- 2017

The Latest Information, Read, Watch and Hear the Real Stories!
Hear the Real Story from 420leaks.com 

What the Hell Happened to Medical Cannabis in Washington State!
by Gina Garcia, May 14, 2016

(One of the People for Medical Cannabis in Washington State)

So much has happened to Medical Cannabis in Washington State!

In 2012, Initiative 502 passed. We keep hearing that “The People have spoken with the vote in 2012 for Initiative 502. What they didn’t tell you is they lied to the people to get it passed.  The people were told 502 WOULD NOT affect medical cannabis, we were lied to!

In 2014, SB 5052, HB 2136,  HB 2280, HB 1276,  and HB 2700,  all passed and signed by the Governor. ALL great for Recreational, not so much for medical cannabis. The Governor also gave authority to make rules as they saw fit, to the Department of Health (DOH),  Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) and here is info on the transition from The LCB the Department of Revenue (DOR) to name a few.

The New Session Laws for example took us from 15 plants per patient in 2014 to 15 plants per domicile in 2015 as per the DOH. Then later on in 2015, the DOH and LCB both stated that 4 plants per patient would be what will be allowed by patients who don’t register and 6 oz. If you register you can have more up to 15 plants. But you must be entered in their registry that you must do at a recreational 502 store.

All of our quantities have been cut way back. Our plant counts cut way back. No regard to patients, their conditions or if they were using it to save their lives or not. Patients, the poor and the sick are now low priority in Washington State! They want to funnel us all into the Recreational stores to buy our cannabis. Most of the people Grew because they couldn’t afford to buy, making sick and poor go into a store to buy when they couldn’t do in the first place is only going to make people go to the black market.

This state also began placing bans and moratoriums in a state that so called “LEGALIZED IT” no allowing the people to buy from the so called stores that they so called voted for. People could not buy before, they still cannot buy now!

Here we are 2016, the new law coming into FULL Effect July 2016..are you ready? Have you killed your garden to be in compliance. Many have! They didn’t want to take chances however, many who didn’t want to take chances are also suffering from the lack of access to their medicines, Dispensaries and farmers markets are going away and patients are left with 4 plants and more only if they register. We were even told by some of our representatives not to register.

The only thing we have right now for medical cannabis patients is we have candidates lining up to run against these crooks who have messed with our medical cannabis laws in this state.  And to replace those who will do more harm to the people they are suppose to represent!

Another thing you can do is volunteer. Most patient run organizations are all volunteer based We do not get paid, we do this because it is important to us and we need the medicine back that was taken from us with the passing of 502 and 5052.

Here are some links that can explain more of what happened and what has happened since:

The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State!
Keep an eye on this site for Bills that occur during session, upcoming candidates for the 2016 elections…and much more!

Read about the Bills that passed as Session Law:
2015/2016 Legislation

420 Leaks Exposing Modern Reefer Madness
Here you can read about the corruption and who and what was behind it.

Department of Health:
     Medical Marijuana ( Yes they still call it that on their site)
     Rule Making

Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) 
     Marijuana 2017

Department of Revenue:
     Various links 

Do not let medical die in Washington State. The sick and dying have already lost their access all in the name of “Legalization” in Washington State. How can it be legal when you aren’t even allowed to grow it. That is right, in Washington State unless you are a patient, which have already been taken down to bare minimum, you cannot grow! Unlike Colorado and Oregon, here in Washington State only patients are allowed to grow their measly little plant counts thanks to this greedy state! Educate yourself, Protect yourself because this state doesn’t care!