Lies and intentions of I-502, SB 5052 and HB 2136, Many Still in The Dark

Patients and the new Law –
September 10th, 2015 – by CannaSarah

Patients continue to struggle in their tireless efforts to save their medication. Many are still in the dark about new laws introduced by I -502, House Bill 2136 and Senate Bill 5052, and the changes that are already starting to take place in process and distribution of medical cannabis.

There are many people across the state, patients and non-patients alike, who are unaware of the damage that these laws are causing and will further cause to¬† the medical cannabis community. As a patient and an activist I have spoken to many people personally such as one person, Uri Cohen asks, “how are the new laws hurting patients?” It seems as if all the lies that were told in order to gain support for these bills has stuck with the general public as facts.

With dispensaries across the states being told shut down in small batches, it gives the illusion that access is still widely available. Patients in larger cities such as Seattle and Tacoma are yet to be informed that they too will face the same problematic system of rules. When asked about dispensaries that have already been forced to close, a patient, Sarah Jane Robertson states “Call the Kent dispensaries and Issaquah – all now shutdown. THC in Kent is now delivery only.”

With the lies that were told to patients, they are under the false belief that their medicine is safe and will remain available. Yet patients such as Chris Bornstedt is already fearing the worst, saying, “My card (authorization for medical cannabis) expires and I will be unable to get a new one.”

Public media has ignored the cries & pleas for patients voices to be heard. They continue to be onesidedly opinionated towards the recreational market and silent on the effect the laws have had and will have on patients.

Other public outlets and organizations such as Seattle Hempfest, NORML, and ACLU apparently have turned there backs on patients leaving them to fend for themselves against the greedy wolves of the recreational industry.

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