2017 Legislative Session begins January 9th

2017 Legislative Session begins January 9th are you ready?

I wonder if in this session anything will be done to help the medical cannabis patient. The Law from 1998 is no longer what it was. So much has happened to patients who require more than the amount allowed recreational users.  Read the home page here to find out what happened and the laws that were passed. 

In years past patients were called fakers, the illicit market and the people who would return to the black market. But in reality, patients with serious illnesses have relied on medical cannabis to save their lives when western medicine could not help, when their doctors sent them home to make arrangements, or to those small children who suffer with diseases only helped by cannabis. Those are the ones affected by what has happened in Washington state. This state forced patients to find the only thing that worked for them, anyway they could. For patients it isn’t about getting high or recreating, it is about having a better quality of life when their doctors have given up on them, it is about being able to walk to do housework or get through a day of work without pain, it is about a child not having seizures for as many days possible. 

Lets hope that this year Washington state finds compassion in it’s heart because so many people have suffered and are suffering because of the greed that this state allowed to happen by listening to paid, corporate, big pharma lobbyists. Patients do not have time to wait. 

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