John Davis Quotes…

Quotes by John Davis (Chair of Seattle Hempfest) speaking to fellow cannabusiness entrepreneurs regarding bill 5052:

“People are saying 5052 is the death of medical. No, not in my opinion… MEDICAL WAS ALREADY OVER, IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF HOW. 5052 actually gives us an extended life onto cleaning up the system and putting it where it needs to go, so it was something that really needed to happen.”


“The DOH is supposed to rule on what is the definition of medical cannabis, and they can define medical cannabis as pretty much anything that they want.”

When asked by a fellow ganjapreneur if defining medical cannabis could potentially backfire by not being taxed the same as recreational since medications aren’t taxed in WA, which would be a “win” for the medical community, Davis replied,

“The DOH could totally take a ruling and say that only things that are 20% CBD and under 0.3% THC, that is it, that is medical, AND THEN ALL ACCESS TO ANYTHING OUTSIDE THAT BASICALLY CEASES TO BE.”

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