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Who are The People for Medical Cannabis?

We have been around for years and are a group of Patients and Supporters of said patients. We travel around the state promoting our mission of Patients first and foremost. We are a group of people who support those who support us. We are a platform for people to speak out and let other patients know who has their backs and who doesn’t. We are not a money interest group..

There are many groups out there saying they are for patients… ASK THEM HOW? HOW do they have your backs? If they can’t answer your question, chances are they are most concerned with their own pockets!

This group does NOT promote those who don’t have our backs. We are about getting back what was taken away from us.
We are a group about participation in the political process, not distribution.

We are about the legislative changes taking place, about the upcoming bills and amendments and the legislative session and what is going on with that. We are about educating the public about what is going on with Medical Cannabis. If you are here to check on Patients and see what it is they are in need of, well pay close attention because patients are speaking up, you are just choosing not to listen.

There are people lining up to speak on panels who don’t represent us but say they do, they go in to the legislator’s offices saying they represent you…do they? How do you know? Have you been proactive in talking to these groups who say they promote you? DO SO! Don’t be a sheep get out there and find out what is what on your own. You can even do it from the comfort of your own home…ask questions! Make statements to your legislators. Patients are not being heard even now. SO MAKE THEM LISTEN! There are a lot more of us than they know. But they are blinded by the money in their faces. They need to hear from you! Because our voices our being squashed yet again. We have been jumping up and down screaming at the top if our lungs that all this was coming at us, but we are too sick or too busy or too tired or too apathetic to care. Or were, but maybe now people see how real this is. The Peoples group goes around the state letting you know what’s up , show you how you can help and answer questions for you, we will even be having classes to show you how to speak to your legislators, how to track the bills and view roll calls to see which legislators are on your side and which don’t care. These meetings are important, get to them if you can. Sign up to help if you can as well because with out YOU we cannot do this. WE ARE MANY, lets show them they are neglecting a mighty big chunk of people!

If a group tells you not to worry they will take care of everything…worry! You need to know what they are doing to have your back. You have the right to know.

Some groups use how many people SUBSCRIBE to their Website to tell legislators how many they represent. Those numbers mean literally NOTHING. Those numbers represent people who want to keep an eye on them not necessarily support them. Olympia wronged the Patient. Left the Patients with more serious issues with less plant counts and yields when they were barely making it as it was. Now the Patient Needs to stand and be heard!

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