New journey coming for The People for Medical Cannabis …
by tpfmc, April 13, 2018

Okay Peeps, Tomorrow, Our founders page on Facebook will be closing but not our groups “Facebook Page” .We have spent Years on Facebook and it is time to change things up and prepare for the next journey.

Are we leaving the Cannabis Community? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! However, it is time to change things up in a major way. We cannot keep doing the same things and expecting anything different. Big changes coming to the People for Medical Cannabis. We need to bring fresh ideas to a stagnant way of doing things. Legislators don’t listen unless we have lots of money. Patients don’t have the funds to fight big money.

Time to take the Peoples group back out to the people across the state. The one good thing about the sudden flooding of the CBD market, 502 and all the big money coming out, is that people are becoming more aware of what cannabis is and that they have been lied to all these years. If you still believe the lies you have been told, you should be angry, or just become more educated on what it is and what it can do for you.

Beware of the CBD only Hype…it will cost you lots of money and could just be melatonin and glycerin/hemp . SOME CBD oils are what they say and have their benefits while many are definitely “Snake Oil” Use whole plant cannabis! Because most people could use a little THC 😉 Buyer Beware!

 In the Meantime and Until Facebook gets its head out of its ass, we are changing things up. Gone forever …NO! The People for Medical Cannabis are regrouping, becoming better, and we are becoming mobile!
For now we are on MeWe while we clean things up, regroup and get set out on our new journey. Is there tons of what WE in Washington are interested on in MeWe? Not really but imagine now have a whole new market you have not tapped into yet 😉 <3 You can follow what we do there or wait until we launch the new idea.
The peoples group realizes that what we used to do now everyone else does and we do not need to do as others do. They got this. We are moving forward. If you want to be part of the journey you might want to stay in touch 😉
Hang tough, be strong and stand your ground!
In the Interim, how do you find us?
Our Facebook Page
The Peoples Website:
We are still around, Keep in Touch! Love ya <3

Who is running things?
tpfmc,  March 31, 2018

Do you remember when you were growing a wonderful cannabis plant and all its goodness was appreciated in our health, our emotional well being. In Peace!

THEN the INDUSTRY took over, Now patients don’t have their meds, Alcohol which kills more than cannabis ever will is now infusing beer with cannabis. Cigarettes soon too , you snope it all you want.. IT WILL Happen. Everything that was bad for you, now they want to infuse CBD into it. The world has gone CBD crazy YET It doesn’t work for Everyone. They want to take THC out of shit and put it where they want. You realize by stripping a plant down to only CBD you just got rid of all the other goodness that came with it!

I am 100% for whole plant. I have a fridge with many bottles of CBDs that DO NOT WORK on me …but this is what is being shoved in the faces of all cannabis patients.

Patients never really bothered anyone. And now that you know the government and big pharma has patents on the medicinal value of cannabis while keeping it on the CSA, Are you one bit concerned over all the lies you have been told? If you still believe in the reefer madness you are looking pretty down right STUPID to the rest of us who have been researching what has been happening for quite some time.

Sometimes I feel I am talking out of my ass for no reason because the longer we advocate for patients , the worst it gets.

IT IS LIKE WHO THE HELL IS Running things here, in the Cannabis World? What idiots are sitting behind the desk making UNINFORMED Decisions .. CORPORATIONS that is who and they don’t care one fricking bit for you or me and what we need. And we keep letting them. Don’t believe me. Go down to Olympia during any session and see who is there fighting for the people. NOT MANY.. The majority of people you will see there are Lobbyists for the big corporations. and Leading the Pack of lobbyist is Vicki Christopherson. She snaps her whip and they all stand at attention. Especially the LCB and Legislators.

For all you states just now coming on board.. “Industry” is not speaking about medical cannabis patients.. INDUSTRY means… Recreational! It means if you dont have money, which patients usually dont, they wont be caring about you!. “Stakeholders” Also not patients… because the Medical Cannabis patient community is usually made up of well… Patients.. and most do well just to maintain their health. They arent looking for get rich fast schemes they want to tend to their health. So we are not considered STAKEHOLDERS.. BUT all laws will affect us.

Yes we can do what we want, we can fight it in court and we will probably win. BUT why should we have to?

I am all out of ideas. I no longer have faith in our state legislators. I think we need to go above their paygrade and reach out and occupy the jobs of these congress critters. Who is running for Congressional Positions?

I am so sick of the way they play with the lives of the people for the sake of money. May they never need cannabis to help them and find that no one will because of the shitty way they treat the people !


Quit saying there is no proof cannabis works!
tpfmc, March 11, 2018

I personally do not know if all CBD products work or not, have not tried them all. So I can’t comment on if it works or not. But I can comment on the subject if CANNABIS works or not. There is real history behind why it was made illegal in the first place. VERY easy to look up but just in case you don’t want to here is a link and if you do not like this link there are hundreds more to google  Don’t just click on the image, go into each link if you still believe Cannabis has no medicinal value!…/cannabis/03-zimme.pdf

I don’t like the term “Cannabis Oil” because it confuses people but people will call it what they will I would just like to say do not confuse this with Cannabis EXTRACT oil. Not the same.

Did you know there are studies and Government patents as well as Patents by a pharmaceutical company saying cannabis works? I will give you the link to those too. If you truly want to know about a subject it is easier to just say its not true than to spend a bit of time researching? Here are some links that you can look through:

Us Govt Patent 6,630,507…

Or another link

And Here are just a few lol patents .. I Laugh because there are so many patents pending on Cannabidiols, Cannabinoids, THC etc and what they do for you. GW wants to patent those too:…/

and From The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIH)…/nida-research-marijuana-cannabi…

And Here GW Will tell you about their new compound…/GW-Pharmaceuticals-Announces-Pr…

And here is yet some more useful reading from Granny Storm Crow who has put them all together on a nice list and keeps it updated annually

So here you have just a few links from The GOVT, The Pharmaceutical company, various studies and I can send you many more if you need.

I do not agree how they did patients in this state. They took away the medicine from the patients, took away their safe access , so that those who voted for 502 could get their way and recreate. This state does not allow anyone to grow UNLESS they are state licensed or hold a Medical Marijuana Authorization. You can find out the laws by visiting the following pages:

The Peoples Website tracks bills annually so you can see what the laws are: ( I will be updating this page soon since the legislative session is now over)

420 Leaks ( If you want proof of the corruption that happened)

The only ones other than state licensed people allowed to grow in Washington State are patients. If they don’t register they get 4 plants not to exceed 15 on a property, YOU CAN ONLY GET 15 plants if your doctor authorizes you too even if you are on a registry.

Read the following for state laws and state agencies dealing given the authority to make rules:

THE LAW for MEDICAL Marijuana


Recreational Falls more under: ( Because despite all this the DEA still has it on schedule 1 saying it is more dangerous than heroin)


So you see all these links?  This is just the TIP of the iceberg, there is so much more information out there for those who truly want to know what is happening. Many prefer just sounding off like the rest who don’t research either. Please …read …research… educate yourself. Because if you are still believing the reefer madness you are sounding pretty silly about now.

The government has been lying, they hold patents…believe it!