2019 Reflections
tpfmc, November 8

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Happy New Year 2019?

tpfmc, January 6, 2019

Happy New Year 2019, medical cannabis community! Let us hope one year soon all this gets straightened out for patients sake. More and more people everyday are learning to make their own cannabis products but be weary. There are many out there who claim to know what they are doing but when you watch the process it is very scary. The names used for products is still a concern in that people are calling their CBD tinctures, “Cannabis Extract Oil”,  some products not what they say they are and people still calling RSO –> FECO when they obviously use the solvent grain alcohol/ethanol and still call it RSO. 

Also people here the word “Unscheduled” and assume that means its free and clear for all. Not true. Big pharma unscheduled CBD with the DEA long enough to get their patent and research in for Sativex and Epilodex.  Here are some articles to read:

Buyer’s Beware… Just because someone calls something one thing, without testing you can’t prove what is really in it. We are hoping that at least what is being sold in the stores, gets tested for safety reason and especially for pesticides!  


Quit saying there is no proof cannabis works!
tpfmc, March 11, 2018

I personally do not know if all CBD products work or not, have not tried them all. So I can’t comment on if it works or not. But I can comment on the subject if CANNABIS works or not. There is real history behind why it was made illegal in the first place. VERY easy to look up but just in case you don’t want to here is a link and if you do not like this link there are hundreds more to google  Don’t just click on the image, go into each link if you still believe Cannabis has no medicinal value!…/cannabis/03-zimme.pdf

I don’t like the term “Cannabis Oil” because it confuses people but people will call it what they will I would just like to say do not confuse this with Cannabis EXTRACT oil. Not the same.

Did you know there are studies and Government patents as well as Patents by a pharmaceutical company saying cannabis works? I will give you the link to those too. If you truly want to know about a subject it is easier to just say its not true than to spend a bit of time researching? Here are some links that you can look through:

Us Govt Patent 6,630,507…
UPDATE  from John Novak:  US Patent 6630507 expires April 21, 2019. Farm bill just passed. Right in time to allow for spring planting. Do you think this is all just a coincidence?
And you can read the following article:
The Big Secret Surrounding Patent No. 6,630,507

Or another link

And Here are just a few lol patents .. I Laugh because there are so many patents pending on Cannabidiols, Cannabinoids, THC etc and what they do for you. GW wants to patent those too:…/

and From The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIH)…/nida-research-marijuana-cannabi…

And Here GW Will tell you about their new compound…/GW-Pharmaceuticals-Announces-Pr…

And here is yet some more useful reading from Granny Storm Crow who has put them all together on a nice list and keeps it updated annually

So here you have just a few links from The GOVT, The Pharmaceutical company, various studies and I can send you many more if you need.

I do not agree how they did patients in this state. They took away the medicine from the patients, took away their safe access , so that those who voted for 502 could get their way and recreate. This state does not allow anyone to grow UNLESS they are state licensed or hold a Medical Marijuana Authorization. You can find out the laws by visiting the following pages:

The Peoples Website tracks bills annually so you can see what the laws are: ( I will be updating this page soon since the legislative session is now over)

420 Leaks ( If you want proof of the corruption that happened)

The only ones other than state licensed people allowed to grow in Washington State are patients. If they don’t register they get 4 plants not to exceed 15 on a property, YOU CAN ONLY GET 15 plants if your doctor authorizes you too even if you are on a registry.

Read the following for state laws and state agencies dealing given the authority to make rules:

THE LAW for MEDICAL Marijuana


Recreational Falls more under: ( Because despite all this the DEA still has it on schedule 1 saying it is more dangerous than heroin)


So you see all these links?  This is just the TIP of the iceberg, there is so much more information out there for those who truly want to know what is happening. Many prefer just sounding off like the rest who don’t research either. Please …read …research… educate yourself. Because if you are still believing the reefer madness you are sounding pretty silly about now.

The government has been lying, they hold patents…believe it!