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Remote Testimony Opportunity

Remote Testimony Opportunity

Washington State Legislature sent this bulletin at 02/04/2015 05:35 PM PST

During the Sixty-Fourth Legislature, the Washington State Senate is conducting a Remote Testimony Pilot project to expand opportunities for citizens across the state to actively participate in the legislative process from locations outside of Olympia, Washington.  Under the pilot project, the current use of remote testimony from invited participants during legislative work sessions will be expanded to include public testimony.   Through the use of videoconferencing technology, the public will be able to testify remotely on proposed legislation scheduled for public hearing during selected Senate standing committee meetings.

Bills scheduled for remote testimony will be identified on the committee agenda, Legislative Meeting Schedule, and web pages as such (i.e., Remote Testimony Opportunity).  Opportunities to register for remote testimony can be found at,  Registration forms must be submitted 48 hours prior to the committee hearing start time.

The Senate will evaluate the results of the pilot project during the 2015 legislative interim and may expand the project in the future to cover more committees and hearings, as well as a wider audience and additional sites.  Initially, this pilot project will be limited and require the patience and understanding of all Senators and staff, as well as the public.”

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ONE medical cannabis patients perspective

ONE medical cannabis patients perspective

I am a medical cannabis patient, a grandmother and a service connected disabled veteran. I have attached a copy of my testimonial, which shows my conditions and what I use for medicine. Have also attached a document that shows different ways to medicate. As well as why some of the bills out there this session will not work for me.

I became active in standing up for my medicine when I saw that people from other organizations who were patients as well were saying they were speaking up for me, they are not! I truly believe if the Legislators really wanted to, they would hear the voice of the people and do the right thing. I do not believe they want to do the right thing. If it doesn’t benefit the poorly written 502 law then they want nothing to do with it because the sick and dying don’t have money. We cannot bring in paid lobbyist to do our lobbying so we must do it ourselves. Letting others speak for me is what is taking away the only thing that has EVER worked for myself, and many others.

I feel they liked Senator Rivers Bill 5052 because it was a way to tell her that the “No to dry flowers” was wrong, therefore making it appear that we were all in agreement. Immediately following that hearing, it may be coincidence or was it, but 3 members of another organization went to try and ram yet another bill down our throats under the guise of us uniting. They were telling legislators that they were speaking for us. KNOW THIS…. NO ONE Speaks for me. There are paid lobbyists that say they speak for me THEY DO NOT. They are speaking me right out of existence. ONLY I speak for me!

No one is listening to the ALL THE REAL PATIENTS. Most REAL PATIENTS do not have representation… WE CANNOT afford it. We count on the legislators to hear us, which is why we voted you in. Maybe it is time to make sure you do not come back in. You know who you are. If getting rid of medical is your answer then you need to be replaced. Shows the lack of compassion for those who REALLY need it.

You don’t have us on panels or involved in conversations. Only Real patients know what patients need and even then each patient is different in what they need, their dose, their strains. Some patients NEED to grow as it calms them and works great for depression. We are a problem to look at for so many because ALL of our needs cannot be put on a line and decided on paper, without actual FACTS from those who cannot use less than 15.

I have attached another file that shows how we medicate. There are different forms of vaping as well since Senator Rivers seems to have poisoned the well for smoking it, which by the way she is wrong. Many studies show that the cannabinoids entering the lungs are actually a good thing. She seems to think smoking cannabis is equivalent to smoking tobacco. This woman is writing bills to “Regulate” us without a bit of actual true information. She takes the word of a woman with less than 3-month experience.

The reason I can MANAGE like I said at the hearing with 15 is because I do not break the law and I physically cannot handle more plants than that. FOR ME any more than 15 would be hard to manage, unless I had a designated gardener that could help me. Ideally Juicing would be the best benefit for me but you cant really juice unless you have a perpetual grow with one plant coming out and a new one going in daily.

But the law as it is written allows me 15 so I stay within those limits. Does 15 work for me like Senator Frockt asked me. NO not ideally, not if I was to have what my doctor knows I should have. It works for me because I MAKE it work. Not because the number is right. But it still isn’t the most beneficial as juicing is my best bet with a ½ gram of f.e.c.o at bedtime. I smoke for my anxiety /depression and PTSD. While those are not qualifying conditions but should be, I have plenty of conditions that do qualify.

According to Senator Kohl-Welles, we can have 6 plants and apply for a waiver if we need more. A Waiver? She says it is not a registry. Ok! I think you should just leave it between the patient and their doctor. Senator Kohl-Wells, You know NOTHING about my medical needs, You have never spoken to me about them, so for you to assume this is ok, and a good place to start …6 plants, then you are not listening to most patients. Also she talks about changing the age requirement from 18 to 21. So you can serve in the military, fight for your country, go to prison as an adult, but you can’t be a “Designated Provider” for a cannabis patient until your 21?

Speaking For myself as a patient who has been one since 2008, here is what I would like to see:
1) First and foremost I would like to see REAL Patients who require a higher quantity to be heard as well. I would like a panel of the people who do not have a 502 interest to speak so that you have a LITTLE understand of what is going on with MOST patients. A panel in which issues would be discussed concerning patients. But choose this panel from the patients at large not the group that has the money to hire paid lobbyist.
2) Patients should not be arrested for a DUI without proof of impairment
3) Admit it has medical value and remove it from the Controlled Substance Act!
4) Since Recreational has no issues with Taxes.. charge them a compassionate tax and have it go towards low income medical patients who cannot afford to pay taxes.
5) Have medical under a different agency. NO LCB, No Law Enforcement governing our law, Research geared toward medical and what works. Not what someone paid to say what they say says it should be. The LCB has been found guilty of over 17 violations… you can read about it if you have not already. Yet you want these crooks to tend to our medical needs?
6) If the whole state is legal.. WHY do we need a registry? One thing Senator Rivers was correct on is that a registry is a registry no matter what you call it. Right Senator Kohl- Welles? Like the “Application” or “Waivers” Still tracks patients.
7) I personally am all for regulating medicine that has to be sold to the public… the patients, to ensure it has NO mold, pesticides, mildew, bugs etc. But leave home grows alone, no regulation for home grows of patients that only use the medicine for themselves. If we aren’t selling to stores we don’t need to regulate our own.
8) If people want to sell publicly those people need licenses. Charge License Fees. There are ways for you to get your money Washington, without killing patients. It will be too much of a financial burden to many. And to make a person choose to buy medicine or pay their mortgage / rent is so wrong.
9) All patients should retain the right to grow at home and the amount grown be specific to that patient. You shouldn’t make 10 patients share 45 plants. There will not be enough medicine for EACH patient.
10) Not all patients grow “Trees” like Senator Rivers said, Most can barely grow or ma even be too ill to hit the garden daily. Some of us grow in pots because we may need to move them indoors to extend the season. Growing in pots does not get as big as growing in the ground. Allow the amount grown be determined by the patient and their doctors not the legislators.
11) I keep pesticides and chemicals out of my medicine. I grow with Maxi crop, Water and towards the end of the cycle with molasses as well. I don’t even like to use neem oil when I get mites. Depending on Pests, Mildew, etc We might end up with less than 15.
12) Patients should be allowed to share their medicine with other patients who are in need. Why? Because of pure compassion! MANY patients are low income… they cannot afford to grow or buy, so what happens to those residents of this state? They don’t count? At least let those of us who can share with those who cannot.
13) You allow people to consume in this state, to buy from your stores, yet when they go to work they can be fired for having THC in their system. Fix it so that functioning members of society can smoke a joint and still make it to work the next morning and keep their jobs. You are allowed to go drink the night before… get up in the morning and pop a vicodin to get to work. But you wont allow people who use this as a medicine who are also functioning members of society go back to work if they test positive for THC in their urine or blood. Sounds like a law written by a prosecuting attorney.
13) The comment in most bills “unrelieved by standard treatments or medicine” Seriously? We have to try all the poisons first, destroy our kidneys, and livers before we can try a natural form of medicine without those side effects? I think more families ought to start suing the powers that be for making them do this and killing their loved ones.
14) I was thinking HB 1020 was more something I could work with however it was quickly replaced with HB 1698 after the hearing on 5052…odd isn’t it? Well 1698 is filled with what the lobbyist have been pushing not what the unpaid constituents have been saying. Seems to me you would rather help the ones that will vote you out if you don’t?

The world is watching… do we really want to be that state that gets rid of medical all so that recreational users can enjoy?

I have attached my Testimony as myself as a patient AND I have attached a file that shows the different ways to medicate. It isn’t all about smoking!

I have also attached So many Studies that you may not have time to go through all of them this session however just wanted to show you, despite claims that there are no studies out here to support claims from patients, there are many! So have attached Granny Storm Crow’s List for 2013 as well.

Here is my testimonial Gina GTestimonial that shows I removed myself from ALL pharmaceuticals!

And here is a Document MedicatingNEWJan2015 that shows different ways to medicate, as it seems the legislators believe we only smoke it!

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Session Starts January 12th

This date is nothing more than the date the session starts. People should have been contacting their legislators all along.  Make sure they all know we are aware that there are more bills than the main stream media is putting out. We are aware and we are watching. has articles talking more about how the people are becoming more aware as to the corruption that continues to happen to remove medical.

Please visit that site and read more.

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Gina G Testimonial

Gina G. Testimonial

I began my cannabis journey in 2008. I had been through several medical issues and each one became worse the more “help” I received from standard medical professionals or the Veterans Administration.

I needed to do something quick because it was becoming apparent that the doctors were not communicating between each other and one illness that was treated with pharmaceuticals soon triggered another illness because of the side effects.

In comes cannabis. At first I thought, oh yeah, sure this is going to help. I smoked it everyday and found it helped for taking the edge off my pain but I didn’t feel it was quite doing the trick.

Then I met a couple of people who taught me how to make a product called FECO. Full Extract Cannabis Oil is AMAZING STUFF. Because this allowed me to sleep, it helped with the pain and I felt I didn’t need the narcotics as much.

I had been on several medications and not all of them had been removed. I was told to keep taking them until THEY (the doctors) felt I no longer needed them. I went through pain contracts and having the VA with their fingers where they don’t belong. Especially since nothing they were doing was helping me.

Then I found the directive allowing me, as a veteran, to use cannabis. That finally opened a lot of doors for me.

Here is a list of my medical issues throughout my ordeal of detoxing from pharmaceuticals.

My Issues were and are these. The asterisked ones are no longer an issue:
Facet Joint Disease
Bulging Disc
Degenerative Disc Disease
*****Adrenal Insufficiency
*****Sleep Apnea
****Severe Leg Cramps (Intensity has decreased since I have been on Cannabis)
Chronic Dry Eyes
I have had multiple surgeries. Many of which didn’t work well and left me with more pain, (for example my knees, stomach, intestines, hands and feet.) All these areas had surgeries and all still have issues (pain, cramps etc).

On one of my knee surgeries they did a nerve block, nicked the nerve and I was paralyzed for 6 months. Then I had a year of physical therapy that was needed. I still have lingering issues from that surgery as well.

In 2008/2009 I learned to make F.E.C.O. and that was the beginning of my new life. I researched and found that people were using Naphtha and Isopropyl alcohol to make RSO. I just couldn’t get behind those ingredients, coming from the military where MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) are a big deal. I looked the ingredients up in those sheets and they all said NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION or INGESTION and the symptoms were not favorable. Then I found a couple of guys making it with Grain Alcohol. I made a batch. (Everclear or Clear Spring)

One drop 3 times a day until I reached a gram a day. PERFECT but it tasted like crap and I couldn’t take the flavor of cannabis. So I put it in capsules and it worked great for me. ½ gram in the morning and ½ gram at night. Cancer patients use this dosage as a way to treat themselves for cancer. I figured if it’s strong enough for cancer it might help me. I have since lowered my dose to ½ gram a night. But I also use a canna-balm and I smoke it as well. If my pain is bad on a certain day, I take another ½ gram capsule of oil to help with the extra pain. WITHOUT this medicine I cannot function, I can’t do anything without it. I feel alive when I’m using it.

The one in the daytime is made with a sativa and I throw in a bit of indica because THAT is what works for “ME”. Night time doses are made with high indica strains. HIGH CBD strains or CBD only oil… Just does not work for me…it does not work for everyone. Most of us need the whole plant.

I also make a balm that I rub into my joints when I hurt too much and it works great. The balm is made from cannabis oil as well and has other herbs such as lavender, arnica, comfrey, some jojoba and lanolin and beeswax etc… works wonders!

Don’t get me wrong, the pain is always there, and SOMETIMES just as bad as when I was on the pharmas. The difference now is I am not becoming worse with NEW illnesses that will come around from the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

I know that many of my issues (Facet Joint Disease, Bulging Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia) may be with me for the rest of my life. But now dealing with them no longer is destroying my body from the side effects of what my doctors were prescribing earlier.

I am treating the disease, not the symptoms, and I have a clearer head. I can think where I couldn’t before. I used to spend so much time in bed just wanting to die. Now I am a functioning member of society. I can get to the state Capitol and help to save my medicine. I can go into town and help the economy; I am not costing taxpayers money by taking VA prescribed drugs. I take care of my self with my own medications.

Here is a list of the Medications I used to be on or have been on:
Bupropion (been on different antidepressants this was the latest one)
Hydroxyzine Hcl
Oxybutynin Chloride
Lidoderm Patches
Zolpidem Tartrate
Steroid Injections

This doesn’t include all the vitamins and minerals I was on, which I now, for the most part, get through what I eat or drink. Plus growing some of my own food helps. This whole process has taken me since 2008 when I first started until last week when I finally removed myself from Levothyroxine, my last pharmaceutical that I was taking.

I have spent years coming up with the right combination of cannabis plants that work for me and I have spent much time researching. This is something that medical professionals don’t have the time to do for me or they have no desire to do. The doctors I have been seeing DO NOT talk to each other and my health was deteriorating FAST. I needed to take charge of my care and by using cannabis, it seemed like a safe place to experiment.

My doctors at the VA would not help me remove myself from my traditional medications. I pretty much had to do it on my own. I still have most of the pain issues since so far my joints have not started generating new bone or cartilage, but there is nothing cannabis can’t do to help me for the most part. I need the WHOLE plant to make my medicines. Not just a certain compound. For a 90-day supply of oil it takes approx 1 ½ pounds to make it. And that is just for a 90-day supply. So I have to keep making it just to stay in control of my pain. BUT IT DOES WORK. I grow my own and am not asking for anything more than the 15 plants I am allowed already. Six plants WILL NOT WORK for the majority of patients. We are not recreational users. An ounce won’t cut it for most of us. When growing, if some plants die and we are only allowed 6, there is no way that amount would take care of all my issues. I barely make it with the 15 I have. In Eastern Washington, the growing season is not long, most people cannot and will not spend money they need for food or clothing on cannabis. They will grow their own. Most of these people can only grow one time a year, and to make it even more difficult, they live off the grid and have to use generators.

The strains I use, may work for me and my issues but they may not work for someone with Epilepsy or Glaucoma for example. This GREAT PLANT has many strains and each person can tailor their health care plan to fit THEIR Needs. It’s worth taking the time to see what strains work for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Believe me, I am not alone. And I am only one in a sea of patients with worse issues than mine. If you are fighting us being allowed to keep medical cannabis in Washington State, I hope it doesn’t take you having a family member finding they benefit from this plant, and you did everything in your power to remove it, to make you see that this is Medicine and not just something for Recreation. Think about it!


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