Concerning marijuana, useable marijuana, and marijuana-infused products in public – HB1360

HB1360 – Concerning marijuana, useable marijuana, and marijuana-infused products in public.
By Meagan Holt, January 18th, 2016

I am writing today about a bill, HB1360 whose status by resolution and introduced in present status on January 11th. It is in regard to the public consumption of cannabis and cannabis products. While I agree that smoking anything should not be allowed in any public place. I have to disagree with the section about cannabis products.

My daughter, a 3 year old cannabis patient with severe disabilities, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Zellweger Syndrome. This disease has caused her to become completely dependent on a feeding tube, therefore all of her medications must be administered through her tube. In late January of 2015 Madeline began having seizures and they immediately became life threatening. Within a couple months she appeared to be close to the end of her short life. This was when we found whole plant cannabis oil.

Maddie went 8 days completely seizure free when we first began cannabis therapy. Throughout this year she has continued to make improvements and has even gained skills back such as saying ma and signing mama and Dada. Cannabis can’t cure Madeline. But it can and IS giving me more time with her. QUALITY time where she is awake and interactive and knows mommy is here. She is in and out of the hospital frequently due to her complexity for various issues including: needing blood products, to requiring surgical intervention for large kidney stones. So the time that she is at home is very precious to us. One thing Madeline has enjoyed since she was a baby is going outside and feeling the breeze. Madeline takes 2 scheduled doses of whole plant oil and on days where she is having pain or her body is under stress we will give 1-2 small extra doses or “stress” doses.

Why should we be forced to stay inside because of fear of a police officer seeing us in public giving Madeline cannabis oil and then I am put in jail for giving her medicine? I can give her all of her other medications in public. Maddie should be able to experience life and all the beautiful things in it. Including the zoo, the park, frozen on ice if she so chooses. But without the law being changed I am criminalized for giving my baby medicine in public. I ask that there be URGENT action taken so all of the cannabis patients in Washington can enjoy the wonders of our beautiful state inside and outside.

All the best,
Meagan Holt

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