Growing Medical Cannabis 101 – A Benefit

The essential elements of providing your own medical medical marijuana, including:

* Food Feeding cycles. Macro and micro-nutrients

* Lighting PAR , cycles, using power efficiently

* Growing mediums. Soil, non-soil, hydroponics

* Air: controlling temperature, humidity, CO2, ventilation

*Efficiency: selecting the correct equipment, what gauges and
measuring tools to own, continuous quality improvement

* Controlling pests safely.

* Harvesting; The basics of flushing, drying and curing.

* Cost: $20 Class time approximately 90 to 105 minutes.

* Max class size 12 people.

The event page can be found here:

Contact: 206 618 0576.

What will be done with he money?

$15 of every $20.00 received will go to John Worthington’s case. The explanation of the case is here:

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