Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.23.53 PMWashington Bill to Close Dispensaries, Reduce Patients’ Rights, Moves to Full Senate  

Write & call your legislators like crazy!

In addition to shutting down dispensaries and establishing a registry that a patient must take part in to have legal protection, Senate Bill 5052 would reduce the amount of cannabis a patient can possess from 24 ounces to 3, and would reduce the amount they can cultivate from 15 plants to 6. Recreational cannabis retail outlets would be given the opportunity to apply for a medical cannabis endorsement to demonstrate that they’re “knowledgeable in the medical use of marijuana”. These outlets would apply for this endorsement from The Liquor Control Board, which would be renamed to the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, and would have the authority to determine the number of cannabis outlets throughout the state, as well as establish regulations for the cannabis industry.   Read More…     and here is SSB 5052


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2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT UPDATE: On SB 5052”

  1. Right now this Bill is in the House. Please write to all the Representatives and the Governor and let them know how this is not OK!

  2. For shame on the Washington Legislature for throwing medical cannabis patients under the bus. The big-monied retail drug cartel has paid to kill off medical cannabis. Guess this is okay with our apparent one-term Governor.

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