January 30, 2015

WE NEED YOU AT THE CAPITOL… First Week in February !

Keep an eye on the Calendar

The first week in February will be many hearings concerning marijuana/cannabis. Please heck the calendar and make sure to show up and give testimony if you can. 

We have many people saying they represent us, but as shown by the bills the legislators are producing; there is no representation happening for the patient who has no 502 interest of anything to gain financially. 

We are simply patients doing what we can to keep the medicine that saves our lives from being tossed under the bus. We are patients not recreational users. Senator Rivers seems to have it out for the Medical Cannabis Patients. Since at one point she says we didn’t need flowers. Now she is saying we can’t make our own oil.

SB 5052 is designed to do nothing more but eliminate the medical cannabis patient.

Please pay attention to the hearings on this bill and make sure to have your voices heard. Write to your legislators, call them, show up to their offices. 

If you are not sure who they are go here and enter your zip code. It is as simple as that for finding out who is suppose to be representing you!
Washington State Legislature Website

Wepeeps at The People for Medical Cannabis

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