Medical Cannabis Patients and Supporters Meeting in Tonasket, WA

NOVEMBER- MeetUp Update! (Guest Speaker: John Novak)

Come join us at the CCC in Tonasket WA. Find out what has happened to medical cannabis in our state. Guest Speaker John Novak will be with us as well! We will discuss what 5052 changed and what the rules are concerning Medical cannabis and homegrows.

We have a few new session laws, plus there are a few agencies that have also been given authority to make rules as they see fit.

Looking for volunteers. Web, Graphics, Videography, Law, Writers, Editors, Photographers, Labor (Set up Take down), Donations for Auctions / Raffles, Organizers, An Assistant

Lots has happened to medical cannabis in Washington State. People need to know what happened and how to make sure they know what the laws are to protect themselves. Join us for a peaceful discussion on Medical Cannabis.
This meeting is for Medical Cannabis patients and our Supporters, please respect that!

What we are about:In these meetups we will go over which new session laws are in place for Medical Cannabis, What agencies are putting in place as far as rules are concerned. In time we will also be going through each new session law and discussing it.

Closer to the session we will hold classes to teach people how to use the legislative website and how to get on mailing list, look up bills etc etc.
These meetings will go on a regular basis. Mostly where I live in Okanogan County however Its not unheard of for me to travel. Only this time it will be a little different than years before. Now if you want a meetup in your town, You supply the people, If there seems to be a sincere interest, I will go to your city with YOU as the host and help you with your meetup. Or show you how
If you have a little bit that you can help with gas or hotel costs then you can also go to Olympia with me.

Make it worth our time and we will come to you 😉

Our focus in the Peoples Groups and Meetings is to educate people on the Bills and what is going on in Olympia. What session Laws have passed and what they are so we protect ourselves.

We are about Supporting those who support us.

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