The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State:

We will be updating our Resource Page here on this website, please be patient while the updating takes place:

We will place them on the resource page however they stay only if there is no complaints. If you are removed you will be notified why. We will check all resources and we will scour the internet to find out if there are problems. 

Patients were left behind, we only use resources that will benefit patients not hurt them. Page will be updated soon.

We seek all resources that help patients! WE DO NOT ALLOW SELLING of Products on our site. 

If you are interested in being listed contact :

To be listed under “RESOURCES” just email us with the URL of the website you want to add and why it is important to medical cannabis patients. We will not be promoting sales, just listing websites.  After we research it, we will either list it or not and we will let you know, soon as we do. Please also add your contact info Thanks.

These are the categories we are seeking:
* LEGAL websites that have been tested and approved to sell products. YOU CANNOT buy or sell on this Resource page but we can share your info
* Physicians / Clinics / Nurses that work with cannabis patients
* Schools
* Research / Testing Facilities
* Media / News sites geared towards people who use cannabis 
* Support Groups
* if not listed here write us and ask.