Senator Rivers Complains About Being Demonized.

In an article in The Columbian, Senator Ann Rivers is upset she’s being called-out as the heartless, corrupt, greedy bitch she is. Waaa. Although she says she’s met with many patients to discuss this bill, that doesn’t mean she’s listened to anything they said. She rarely takes the time to give a crap, laughs in our faces, makes jokes about us to the media, and continues on with her mission to squash us under the 502 boot. Also, there are many “patients” out there with business interests claiming to represent true patients. There are about 8 paid lobbyists for the recreational industry working against us this session but the sickest, poorest patients must fight for themselves.

Rivers claims that, “a few ‘bad actors’ are whipping others ‘into a frenzy’ over misinformation.” The bad actors are the traitorous “patients” with business interests getting paid as spokespeople for the recreational industry, NOT the average patient who just wants to be able to afford their medicine without over regulation &  risk of  law enforcement. I’m not misinformed, I have the same amount of college education as Senator Rivers. Don’t insult the intelligence of the medical community.

5052 would:

  • Require patients & designated providers to register in a statewide database in order to get the maximum allowed amounts (which is still drastically reduced from current 60-day supply), arrest protection, & shop in stores with medical endorsements. Patients not registered in the database have further decreased allowed amounts, only have affirmative defense if in compliance, & are denied access to stores with medical endorsements & products.  Minors & their parents are required to register (putting them at risk of action by CPS & in child custody disputes).  5052 states that federal law enforcement (among other agencies) may access the registry and that state law offers no protection from federal laws.
  • Reduce allowable possession and plant count. Patients who register in database: Decreased from current 60-day supply to 1-week supply. Allowed plant count from 15 to 6 plants (60% reduction). Patients not registered in database:  Decreased from current 60-day supply to a few days’ supply. Allowed plant count from 15 to 4 plants (73% reduction).
  • Force medical patients into the overpriced, less accessible, unsuitable recreational market. High prices/excise taxes (2 to 4 times the current medical prices according to fiscal note). Limited access due to bans, moratoriums & caps (40% of cities prohibit).
  • Require noncommercial, residential patient grows of up to 4 patients to register as a co-op. Limit the allowed amount of plants per residence to 15 regardless of number of patients.  Permit inspections by LCB & law enforcement of noncommercial patient co-op grows.  Require physical labor of all patients, regardless of illness or disabilities, who participate in a shared grow.
  • Change the definition of concentrates & plans to restrict patient processing in the future of any extract over 10% THC.
  • Close of hundreds of licensed & taxpaying medical cannabis businesses who cater to the specific needs of patients.
  • Restrict authorizations & interfere with doctor/patient relationship.
  • Provide millions of dollars in funds to local jurisdictions for marijuana law enforcement.

Senator Rivers, the medical cannabis community is not misinformed, we are scared of losing our medicine & furious that our health & wellbeing means nothing in the face of the greed of your legislation and all who support it.

PS to Rivers) The anecdote about your father using medical cannabis for pain when he was dying of cancer only disgusts me further that you would harm those in his situation now.

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