The Gentrification of Marijuana

The Gentrification of Marijuana

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By Miguel AKA Miggy420

We are here not because of the efforts of one person but those of many, not because of the work of one group but because of them all. Many forces join together when there is one true truth: Marijuana is not a crime, it’s a plant.

Many people believe they know what gentrification is, but let me put it in a nutshell for you: It’s the shaping and marketing of a thing that grew organically. Good neighborhoods don’t just happen; people slowly become comfortable with one another which creates that old neighborhood feel, which is slowly being chopped and diced by corporate and self-interest for financial gain — same as what’s happening to the marijuana market in Washington State. It becomes more apparent each day to me that Washington state marijuana is just another business, and it’s being gentrified.

As a marijuana conspiracy theorist, I would like to think that something  more nefarious is going on, but the truth in the matter, the reason why the market and the transitioning process has been such a clusterfuck, is because no one gives a genuine damn about the integrity of this plant, just the dollar. Some of those in charge and those that say they advocate for rights, are in it to be part of the groundbreaking regulation about to happen, but again, you’re making rules for something that is on the “danger” equivalent of apples, which can be used to make alcoholic cider.

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