The Washington State Cannabis Patient Reform Act I-1419

I-1419 PETITIONS ARE READY – Map shows who has these petitions and where you can get them.

Map of Locations with the Initiative 1419

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20 signature & 5 signature mail-ins

Compassionate Use Washington is the grassroots campaign that is running I-1419 (Washington State Cannabis Patient Reform Act) to the November 2016 ballot. At this time the campaign doesn’t have the funds to do this on its own, and through inkind donations has been able to make petitions available.

A PayPal account for cuwa2016@gmail.com has been set up for donations to the campaign and postage to send petitions out. 20 signature sheets are available now, with 5 signature mail-in petitions available after 2/16 .

Flat rate USPS Priority Mail box is $13.45, and an envelope is $6.45. Please include a shipping address. 20 signature sheets will be sent, unless noted that mail-ins are to be included or substituted.

The majority of petitions will be printed by the Lee Fore who did the same for I-1372, as well as supplemented by Hugh H. Newmark of Best Buds in Bellingham.

Those in the Seattle area may contact Kirk Ludden (Sponsor) or Stephanie Viskovich (Campaign Manager for I-1419) for petitions.

Gina Garcia, an Executive Director of THE VIPER’S CLUB, from Tonasket (and travels around the state) has them as well.

Deadline to turn in 246,372 signatures is July 8th at 5 PM. Mail-in deadline to return petitions is July 4th.

Final text for I-1419 maybe be found at the Secretary of State’s website:

Initiative Measure No. 1419 concerns marijuana, also called cannabis.

This measure would create boards regulating cannabis production and sales; set fees and tax exemptions; allow unlicensed collective gardens; release offenders incarcerated for non-violent, cannabis-related crimes; and adopt or repeal other cannabis-related laws.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

This measure would create a board to license and regulate medical-cannabis producers and dispensers; create a board to govern the recreational use market; release offenders incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes; create tax exemptions and impose fees; allow unlicensed collective cannabis gardens; address medical-cannabis use by minors; limit use of THC blood-concentration evidence; prohibit certain drug testing for marijuana byproducts; prohibit assistance with certain federal investigations; add criminal defenses; and adopt or repeal other cannabis-related laws.

Compassionate Use Washington
212 Broadway E #12082
Seattle, WA 98102-7042


See Full Text Initiative Measure No. 1419