The People For Medical Cannabis in WA state is all volunteer run!

We, at the People for Medical Cannabis in Washington State love our Medicine. It is hard to find people who are not sick and have the time to volunteer. If you can find some time to help here are the positions we need to fill.

Keep in mind these positions are a way of giving back, helping each other save our medicine, and it feels good to do the right thing.

We need current, up-to-date original articles written. You can write anonymously or with your real name. The articles are submitted to us, we send to editors, to Make sure its fact based and correctly written.  Can be from ANY Location.

This should be someone who knows pretty much what has happened and willing to verify info to make sure its current and correct. Check for grammar and spelling, etc. Can Be from ANY location.

We need Video Editors.  

Are you a student, do you need a project for school? We could use Graphic Artists for logos, Posters, invites and Candidates campaigns and more! Contact Gina for this position!

Web Designers/Developers:
We have people that are fed up with the system. Running for political positions.  They are going to need web pages when they are running for Governor, Representative, Senators etc to replace the ones who have done us harm. We need people knowledgeable with Word Press to help create pages for these people.  

Signature Gatherers:
We need people to collect signatures for Initiatives. 

Meeting Hosts:
We need to spread the word, educate people, have our candidates speak to the people. If you are willing to host a meeting in your town let us know. We will bring you everything you need to host a meeting flyers, biz cards, info and speakers. All you need to do is provide the town, the people (You spread the word) and we will show you how to keep these going.  Contact Gina for this.

We need people to research Studies and articles and facts about what is happening and has happened. If researching is your thing, let us know too. Contact Gina for this.