What does the NEW Medical Cannabis Law say?

That is a question that continuously comes up in the medical cannabis community. The changes are many!

Patients in the community are advised to read the new session law for themselves. Attorneys are even having trouble deciphering the new law. To add to all the confusion of the new law there are a few agencies who have been given the right to make “rules” as they see fit. These agencies include the Department of Health, the Department of Revenue and The Liquor and Cannabis Board. Yes the LCB now stands for the Liquor and Cannabis board even though all the wording within the new law still refers to it as “Marijuana”

Patients need to read all that involve the new law and need to understand that nothing in this new law, with the exception of adding PTSD, is good for patients. Patients in the medical cannabis community have been lied to, by the very community who told them it would not effect them, also known as the 502 community.

Who do the patients trust to “have their backs” in a state that has obviously thrown them under the bus. The answer is NO ONE! Read the New Law for yourself.

New Law:

Dept of Health

Dept of Revenue:

Liquor and Cannabis Board:

Educate yourself! In Washington State patients have been affected by the new law and the new rules. Some changes have begun as early as July 24th, 2015. That is correct, of this year. Read the info on the website of the department of health.

We could write it all out for you here but we won’t. One of the problems this year was lack of knowledge as to how it had effected medical cannabis patients. Many chose to follow a leader based on nothing but popularity or because they owned a dispensary. Following the leader has led them right off the cliff. It is time people started to educate themselves. Educating themselves as a medical cannabis patient is the best protection they have against such a cruel and inhumane law.

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